Art with a Purpose

Each piece is created to promote green consumerism and environmental awareness.

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Who's Endangered?

This collection demonstrates the bond between animals and humans.

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The Sea Collection

Creatures who flourish under water & impact the environment above the water.

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Each piece of artwork promotes green consumerism & environmental awareness.

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By combining portraits of endangered species with humans, Susan has created a one of a kind series focusing on the impact of humans on nature. The portraits are of each specific animals strengths, design, camouflage and relationship between humans that have the same tendency, demonstrating the bond between both.
This style pays homage to creatures of the air. This collection focuses on the effects and motions of birds in flight. The paintings are designed to study all forms of movement in the air, while capturing the unique flight patterns and personalities of the world's birds.
Susan Andreasen goes bold with her land collection. she portray's wildlife through modern artistic forms, the artist hopes to raise public awareness of the needs of the environment and the reality many animals face by being on the brink of extinction. The series features the most iconic animals of the planet live from the artist's memory straight to canvas.
Susan stunningly captures the natural beauty of the world below. This collection crafts beautiful imagery featuring the endangered species in the marine environment, and the relationship between man and water. The paintings are intended to convey the exhilaration and joy of the wild animals.
Susan Andreasen, having studied under Andy Warhol, approaches every commissioned piece as a moment on canvas to capture a memory or personality forever. View this extensive collection to see how she can best capture you.
The ever talented Susan Andreasen pushes herself to capture nature through modern and abstract techniques in this signature series that is truly a one of a kind art collection.


Art UpClose Gallery, 84 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002, (Originals) 2017

Palm Beach Fine Arts Festival, West Palm Beach, FL., (Originals), 2017

26 Show, West Palm Beach, FL., (Originals), 2016

BRUCE HELANDER STUDIOS, West Palm Beach, FL., (Originals), 2016

GALLERY 51, Boca Raton, FL (Originals), 2009-15

LIGHTHOUSE ARTS CENTER, Tequesta, FL (Teacher), 2009-14

ART CETERA, Boca Raton, FL (Prints), 2013

WYLAND OF KEY WEST GALLERIES, Key West, FL (Originals), 2009-15

ZOOSCAPE ONE WOMEN SHOW, Armory Art Center, FL (Originals), 2009-10

(Show for Palm Beach Zoo and Armory Art Center)

ARMORY ART CENTER, West Palm Beach, FL (Originals / Teacher), 2008-10

PARKHURST ART GALLERY, San Pedro, CA (Serigraphs), 2005-08

NASSAU GALLERY, Delaware, Maryland (Originals), 2003-07

KENNEDY GALLERIES, Key West, FL., & Cape Cod, MA, 2002-07

KENNEDY STUIDOS, Key West, FL., 2004-06

PARK WEST GALLERIES, MI. / Worldwide (Serigraphs), 2001-06

ALFRED POST and the KEN FRANKEL GROUP (Originals), 2005